Sedan – Supreme drivability and luxury

Our sedans are focused on the pleasure of driving.
They have beautiful lines and they are designed to be responsive and assertive on the road.
Every control is intuitive and the interior is built around your comfort, so that you will enjoy each mile of every journey.

The history of sedan cars

As far as cars go, the very first sedans were manufactured around 1900, but historically a sedan is derived from a ‘litter’, a chair for travelling that is carried by carriers going back much further of course. Volvo Cars was founded in 1927, and our first sedan car was released that same year. It was called PV4 and had a construction of an insulated wooden frame covered with artificial leather. One perk was that the seating could be turned into a bed for two people.

Explore our range of sedans

Swedish design can be summed up in the effort of making sure that function and execution are merged into one, and attention to detail and choice of materials are naturally at the heart of that. Our sedans are manifestations of this Swedish design heritage, and we are guided in every detail by the love of the car and the love of driving. That is what luxury means to us.


S90 - Luxury, technology and excellent driving

The S90 is a four-door executive sedan that embodies the luxury car experience. Its sophistication is paired with an efficient powertrain that gives you great performance. Additionally, all the engine options of the S90 use our latest Drive-E technology that gives you instant response and a smooth ride, while also being low on emissions.

The S90 has three engine options to choose from, including the T8 Twin Engine AWD plug-in hybrid powertrain, which combines a high-performance petrol engine and an electric motor. This 400hp/640Nm powertrain allows outstanding highway performance and zero emission commuting with all-wheel drive capability when needed.

In Canada, the S90 comes in two trim levels, the well-equipped Momentum and for a more luxurious drive, the Inscription.

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S60 – Compact and sporty executive sedan

The Volvo S60 is our compact executive sedan, it offers sporty and dynamic driving with excellent comfort and safety. It comes in two different trim levels with distinct personalities, and of course there is a range of options and accessories to pick from.

The T5 AWD engine gives you 240HP and 258lb.-ft. of torque, with a combined driving fuel consumption of 9.7L/100 km.

The T6 AWD engine gives you 302HP and 295lb.-ft. of torque, with a combined driving fuel consumption of 9.4L/100 km.

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S60 - Sport Sedan - A Class all of its own.


Designing luxury

Designing luxury means knowing what matters. What matters for the driver, for the passenger, even for those outside of the car. We design our sedans for the exhilarating feeling of driving something that is really thought through in every aspect. Our sedans have natural lines and we choose materials that are there to age well, and feel and look great.

The Scandinavian design tradition aims to create beauty through function, form and materials. That’s how we redefine the idea of luxury, by creating beauty with consciousness and dedication to that which matters.

Our sedans are powerful and have muscular and sleek lines. The design is an extension of the driving experience and our consistent safety work. We believe that a true luxury sedan should not only look great, but feel great to the touch. And it should reinforce your sense of comfort and security, so that every mile is a pleasure.


Our sedans come with Intellisafe, which includes a whole range of safety features that can both prevent accidents and mitigate the effects of them. Our safety technologies are there to increase the safety for you and those who travel with you, as well as other road users. IntelliSafe includes City Safety, Pilot assist, as well as various alertness and attention systems.

The history of our safety work goes back to our founders who were explicit in the importance of safety from the start. Over time, more and more manufacturers have seen the importance of safety, and have adopted many Volvo inventions, most famously perhaps the three-point safety belt. But Volvo has continuously been at the forefront of safety technology and were also among the first to offer padded dashboards, crumple zones in front and rear, childproof locks, collapsible steering columns, rear-facing child seats and road-edge detection.

Now, we are leading the way into the future once again with the Vision 2020, which means that we aim for zero deaths and serious injuries in a new Volvo by the year 2020.


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