SUV – Sport Utility Vehicle – Volvo Cars

SUVs, Sport Utility Vehicles, are capable cars built for rougher roads.
They generally have higher ground clearance and AWD.
Volvo Cars’ SUVs are perfect for Canadian conditions.

SUV – Off the beaten path

From the bustling city life, onto curvy dirt roads. An active lifestyle warrants an active car, and our SUVs are designed and built to make sure you get the most out of your ownership. With higher ground clearance, all-wheel drive as standard, and commanding design, Volvo’s model line-up gives you opportunities to take on any road.

The history of our SUVs

A Sport Utility Vehicle or Suburban Utility Vehicle (SUV) embodies capable cars that can handle rougher conditions and have great loading capabilities. They were originally developed as a cross-over between a light truck and a station wagon, with tall interior, superior ground-clearance and all-wheel-drive.

There are many benefits of an SUV and they are the perfect fit for people and families that have an active lifestyle, who like to travel between the country-side and city or even off the beaten path.

At Volvo Cars, we first started manufacturing SUVs in 1997 with a cross-over version of the V70, called V70 XC, which was later developed into the popular XC70. It was followed by the XC90 in 2002, and now we have a new model coming, called the XC40. Quality and safety have been part of the fabric of Volvo cars all through the history of our company and our SUVs are expressions of that – they are versatile and luxurious and built for the people both on the inside and outside of the car.

Our model line up

Swedish and Canadian conditions are very similar, and that’s probably why both Swedes and Canadians have taken a liking to SUVs. We offer two SUV models on the Canadian market, the XC60 and the XC90. In 2019, we will offer a third, the XC40. All of these cars have high ground clearance, AWD as standard and come with an alternative of several engines, including the eAWD Plug-In Hybrid.

SUV - XC90

XC90 - Spacious, luxurious and innovative

The XC90 is a powerful and versatile SUV with AWD and 7 seats for you and your family, making travelling a first-class experience. The laminated sunroof with power sunshade comes standard, as does the tinted rear and cargo windows. The XC90 also has a ground clearance of up to over 10 inches (depending on suspension) and it comes with an engine choice of the T5 AWD, T6 AWD and T8 Twin Engine eAWD Plug-In Hybrid..

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XC60 – Athletic, dynamic and exceptionally safe

The XC60 is a modern SUV with spacious cargo, dynamic driving capabilities and a safety track record at the top of the class. We designed it to make your journey a pleasure, regardless if it is long or short, and the XC60’s athletic capabilities and dynamic driving experience will inspire active driving. It will also assist you, helping you focus on what is important, so that you get more out of your driving experience.

The XC60 is a lightweight construction and it has sophisticated suspension that makes the SUV’s high ground clearance and wheel base come into its right. This solution gives you outstanding capabilities regardless of the road conditions.

The XC60’s ground clearance is a little over 9 inches (depending on suspension) and it comes with an engine choice of the T5 AWD, T6 AWD and T8 Twin Engine eAWD Plug-In Hybrid.

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SUV - XC60

SUV - XC40

XC40 – Compact and lively

The all new XC40 will be released in 2019. It’s a youthful and expressive compact SUV built for city life. It is the smallest of our SUVs, but with an impressive cargo capacity. With 479 liters of storage to the top of the rear backrests, the Volvo XC40 has one of the largest load compartments in its class.

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S60 - Sport Sedan - A Class all of its own.


Driving a Volvo SUV

An active lifestyle means that you need a flexible car that is always ready for the next trip. Our SUVs have a presence, not only from the look of them, but also in how they handle. They are built to put you in control, be it in bustling traffic in the city, on the highway, or on the narrow dirt road through the forest.

We build our SUV’s with a strong, lightweight construction and sophisticated suspensions to make sure that you are in control and get the right feedback from the chassis. The interior and seating, as well as the beauty of ergonomic design in every detail of the interior, also helps create an uncluttered and intuitive driving experience. We believe that the cabin should be a calm, comfortable and restful environment so that you can focus on the joy of driving.

Designing a Volvo SUV

An SUV – is by definition a vehicle that is meant to be used as part of an active life, to give you more capabilities when it comes to off-road handling or driving under poorer conditions. Bigger cargo, higher ground clearance and AWD are essentials. Higher seating and great view over the traffic and around the car are also aspects that speak in favour of choosing a Volvo SUV.

All of our SUVs have four doors, making them especially suitable for families where you need access to the rear seats regularly. The passenger seats offer great legroom and are spacious even for tall people.


Safety in our SUVs

For many people, safety is one of the main reasons for choosing an SUV. At Volvo Cars, safety has been a focus area since the foundation of the company, and our cars are famous for their contributions to automotive safety. Out of the many safety features used daily in cars, the three-point safety belt is the most well-known and universal of our inventions. And it still saves lives every day.

The XC60 has consistently received Top Safety Pick+ ranking from IIHS since 2013 when that ranking was instituted, and the all-new XC90 also has a Top Safety Pick ranking. Our safety system, called IntelliSafe, is designed to prevent accidents, support your driving and protect you in a collision.

IntelliSafe uses several technologies that assist you in your daily driving. The City Safety technology detects dangers, warns you and intervenes when necessary. It also looks out for those around you, like pedestrians, cyclists or large animals, and can both warn you or brake if there is imminent danger. IntelliSafe also includes preventive safety technologies such as Electronic Stability Control, Road Sign Information, Lane Keeping Aid and the Run-off Road Mitigation.

IntelliSafe is key in helping us achieve our safety goal, that by 2020, no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car. It’s a bold vision, but we are confident that we will achieve it.

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