Wagons were originally developed to transport people between train stations or estates. Volvo Cars is probably the car brand most associated with wagons.

Wagons – The very essence of Volvo Cars

No other car brand is as closely associated with wagons as Volvo. Generations of families have experienced travel and everyday life in a Volvo wagon. We draw from our tradition and experiences from developing and shaping this car type as we move into the future, and continue to redefine what a wagon is and how you can travel comfortably, safely and luxuriously.

History of the emergence of the wagon

Originally what we called ‘Station wagons’ were developed for professional use. In North America, they were used to transport baggage and people between train stations, hence the name ‘Station wagon’ which was then shortened to just 'Wagon' in Canada.

Whereas the term ‘Estate’, in British English, refers to the transportation of people and luggage between country estates. Similarly, the Spanish term is ‘Ranchera’. Sometimes the wagon was also marketed as a “shooting-brake”, or “break”, because it was used to transport hunters, guns and game between locations during hunting breaks.

By the 1930’s the wagons were considered primarily private cars, albeit quite prestigious and they were often priced higher than regular car types. At Volvo, we built our first wagon in 1953, and we named it Volvo Duett. The Volvo Duett became the foundation for a long range of wagons that in many ways have defined Volvo Cars. Over the years we have sold almost six million of these versatile family cars.

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Explore our range of wagons

A wagon is a type of car that doesn’t have a separate cargo compartment, but rather just an area behind the back seats which is accessed through an extra door, rather than a boot lid. Wagons are often considered practical cars, especially for families. And they certainly are practical, but at Volvo we also design wagons for the comfort and luxury of the people inside of them. This human-centric focus has made our cars world famous and no other car brand is as closely connected to wagons as we are.

V90 Cross Country

V90 CC

The Volvo V90 Cross Country combines the comfort and luxury of the regular V90 with road capabilities that let you go on any adventure. It’s built with higher ground clearance, All-wheel drive as standard and bigger wheels for increased road capabilities. It really offers you all the major virtues of both an SUV and a regular wagon. The V90 Cross country is built for Swedish conditions making it a perfect choice for Canadians.

Raised height and AWD makes soft ground easier to handle, and the V90 also comes with an off-road mode, giving you a more suitable setting when you leave the maintained roads behind.

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The V90 is a message from Sweden of what life can be when beauty and purpose meet. There has been no compromise in form or functionality, the V90’s elegance comes from a combination of high-quality materials and simply stunning lines.

The V90 is also our biggest wagon. It lets you fit more into your luggage compartment, and every passenger travels first class. We have built beautiful backrests so that it increases legroom for passengers, while giving you perfect support and comfort.

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V90 - Wagon

Wagon - V60 Cross Country

V60 Cross Country

The smartness of the regular V60 combined with some all-road capabilities, makes the V60 Cross Country optimal for the active lifestyle. The seats are sporty and support your back, keeping you firmly seated as you negotiate those tight bends on the road. Corner Traction Control further helps you take on challenging twists and turns.

The Volvo V60 Cross Country comes with a higher ground clearance, standard AWD and the T5AWD engine that gives you 240 hp.

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The V60 is a sports wagon that offers you great handling and a luxurious feeling. It is agile and sporty while providing you with versatility and great loading capacity for an active lifestyle.

The V60 is built for exhilarating performance, and thanks to a smaller more intelligent powertrain it does that while maintaining lower fuel consumption. In short, it has the power of a much larger engine.

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V60 - Wagon

S60 - Sport Sedan - A Class all of its own.

The Wagon


At Volvo Cars, we believe that technology should be adapted to people, not the other way around. As our cars get more advanced, we also make them simpler to use with smarter controls and solutions. Our interfaces are intended to be so intuitive that you don’t even have to think about them, they just work the way you expect them to, and they feel natural and beautiful to the touch and eye. For us, this is the essence of Swedish design.


Our wagons are used by families across the world, and many children have experienced their childhood’s journeys in the back seat of a Volvo. That’s also one of the reasons for why safety is so important to us. It is our goal that no people will be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo by 2020. This approach, to always improve safety, was first expressed by our founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, in 1927: “Cars are driven by people. The guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo, therefore, is and must remain, safety.” Nowhere is this truer than in our wagons, who have been at the forefront of safety innovation for over half a century.


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