The New Volvo XC90

The Most-Awarded Luxury SUV in History


Experience our idea of luxury.

The Volvo XC90is a place where you can relax, think and travel in first class comfort. It's where contemporary Scandinavain design meets advanced engineering. Where quality materials will delight your senses, put comfort at the heart of every journey, and where human-centric technology keeps you connected and in control.

Whether driving along the highway or negotiating urban traffic, our intuitive driving technologies make the journey easier, leaving you to enjoy the ride. In the lavishly appointed cabin, luxurious materials and superb craftsmanship meet with boundless elegance. The airy interior gives you the luxury of space and serenity, no matter which of the seven seats you sit in.

Appropriately for a full-sized SUV, the XC90 exudes strength and road presence, yet its design elements are also exquisitely subitle. The XC90 is all about perfect execution. It's our distinctive take on what it means to drive a luxury car in the 21st century.

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Be Impressed, quite simply

You know you're looking at truly great design when it appears simple at first glance turns out to be ingenious and stimulating once you discover the thoughts and details that make up the whole. As with any luxury item-a finely crafted watch, a bespoke suit - its beauty might be obvious, but its true value is only revealed when you discover the expertise, the craftsmanship and the passion that went into making it.

The Volvo XC90 has this quality. Appropriately for a full-sized SUV, it exudes power, particularly with the upright grille and strong shoulders, both of which are classic Volvo styling cues. As Volvo Cars' exterior designer Anders Gunnarsson says, "The car has an attitude that expresses confidence and self-belief. If you're proud and relaxed about your position in the world, you'll stand upright - just like the Volvo XC90."

Despite this sense of presence, thedesign is also exquisitely subtle: "It grows on you," says Thomas Ingenlath, Volvo Cars' Senior Vice President of Design. "It's not all spectacle-it's about leaving the proportions and the technology underneath to create the drama. You suddenly realise how much sheet metal movement there is in the side section - how it grows over the rear wheel. It's about perfect execution, and that took such a long time to achieve."

"The task to design the rear was more difficult," says Ingenlath. "We didn't want to use the elements that everyone else is using to make a car look more powerful. Most other car manufacturers are using horizontal lines. We used vertical lines. That is something that can be difficult. If you are good at it, you give a car an incredible status. We achieved that kind of status by reduction - not going into the horizontal but staying proud and upright. That is a nice aspect."



This is our idea of luxury

At first glance, the XC90’s distinctively proud stance leaves you with a feeling of uncluttered and sophisticated luxury. A familiar theme ensues as you step inside the refined and relaxing interior. Every element works in harmony and is made from the finest materials – such as soft Nappa leather and flame birch wood, with unique handcrafted details like diamond-cut buttons.

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Safety comes first

The XC90 is infused with smart, intuitive innovations. Standard City Safety auto-braking technology helps protect you and those around you. If a collision is imminent ahead, it will brake automatically, reducing impact – or preventing it altogether.


Audio & Tech


Sensus Connect

Sensus Connect puts you in touch with the digital world and your Volvo – intuitively. Smart driver interfaces like the steering wheel buttons and voice control give you full command – without taking your attention away from the road. The 9-inch Sensus Touchscreen is your infotainment hub, providing access to a host of convenient in-car apps for your entertainment, navigation, control, connectivity, and service.

Volvo On Call

With Volvo On Call, now standard with a 4-year complimentary subscription, you can begin every drive in comfort with the remote engine start. Before you leave on a journey, you can cool or warm your car remotely by starting the engine via your smartphone. You can lock or unlock it with the touch of a button. You can sync meeting destinations from your personal calendar with the navigation system. You can conveniently keep track of business trips and store them as driving journals. Whether you've got a flat tire, have a breakdown or are involved in an emergency, simply press a button to receive assistance. And if an airbag deploys or the safety belt pre-tensioners are activated, the Volvo On Call service center will be alerted automatically – with the emergency crash notification function. Volvo On Call can also alert you to attempted break-ins and allows tracking of your car via satellite. The Volvo On Call app is available for your smartphone, iPad and wearable tech. It can also be used on a Windows 10 PC or tablet.

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Digital Driver Display

Utilizing the latest technology, the available user-friendly 12.3-inch Digital Driver Display intuitively shows you information, including entertainment, navigation directions, actual road signs and more. Depending on the way you like to view your info, you can choose from four graphic modes, all with amazing color resolution. For easy viewing, it features two large round instruments with an information display in between. When you use the navigation system, it becomes bigger. The display's brightness automatically adjusts to surrounding light to make it comfortable and restful for the eyes.

Heads-Up Display

Projecting crisp graphics and text onto the lower part of the windshield, the head-up display function makes your journeys in the XC90 easy and intuitive. It shows you warnings and vital information relating to speed limits, cruise control functions, navigation directions and road signs – even incoming phone calls. So your eyes never leave the road while you’re monitoring speed or receiving safety warnings. And you don't have to change focus or look down, which is less strain on the eyes. The brightness of the head-up display adapts automatically to varying light conditions. Plus, you can set the system to suit your own personal preferences and link it to the memory feature for the power-operated seat.



Digital Driver Display

Our 9-inch center display is a touch screen that allows you to intuitively control the functions of your Volvo and stay connected.

Smartphone integration

With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Integration, all the functions you love about your smartphone are seamlessly integrated into your car’s 9-inch Sensus Touchscreen. Make calls, send & receive messages, enjoy music and navigate easily using the touchscreen, steering wheel controls or voice control. Best of all, it allows you to stay focused on the road. Connecting your devices is quick and easy, too. Simply plug your smartphone into the car using the USB connection to turn the center display into an extension of your iPhone® (5 or later) or Android smartphone (5.0 Lollipop or later). When connected, your phone will also be charging.



Concert-quality sound

Whichever seat you’re in, our Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins audio system lets you hear the music you love just as the artists intended. Using 19 high-fidelity loudspeakers and an astonishing 1400 watts of state-of-the-art amplification, it’s an immersive experience with crystal-clear, powerful sound. Room mode functionality recreates the acoustic experience of the Gothenburg Concert Hall, a majestic stage or an epic recording studio.

Luxury & Convenience

Panoramic Moonroof

Everyone can enjoy a better view and a brighter cabin with our standard laminated panoramic moonroof with a power sunshade. It was created to let you take in the sunlight, breathe in the fresh air and gaze at the stars. The lamination offers a high level of safety and provides soundproofing for a quiet, peaceful drive. It’s also equipped with a handy wind blocker that folds up when the roof is open.

Hands-Free Tailgate

Our standard keyless entry technology allows you to open and lock the front, rear, and trunk – without having to remove the key from your pocket. The hands-free tailgate lets you conveniently open the trunk with a wave of your foot.

Active Chassis

Our available active chassis with four-corner air suspension provides the perfect balance between comfort, precision, and handling. You enjoy a smoother driving experience whether you’re riding on the highway, a bumpy gravel road or the city streets. It helps keep the car level whatever the surface, so you always feel confident. And our customizable drive-modes give you the flexibility to switch to a sportier character when the mood strikes you.


Technical Data

Measurements XC90 T5 AWD XC90 T6 AWD XC90 T8 TwEn
Length 4953 mm 4953 mm 4953 mm
Width (Body width) 1923 mm 1923 mm 1923 mm
Height (including shark fin antenna) 1776 mm 1776 mm 1776 mm
Max trailer weight, Braked (max) 2400 kg 2700 kg 2400 kg
Max roof load 100 kg 100 kg 100 kg
Fuel Tank, Petrol 71L 71L 70L


The power of luxury

The XC90 comes with our top-of-the-line T8 Twin Engine powertrain, a plug-in hybrid that gives you exhilarating performance, efficiency and low emissions. With 400 horsepower, our turbocharged and supercharged Drive-E engine, combined with our smooth, advanced 8-speed automatic gearbox and powerful electric motor, offer the capability of a much larger engine but using much less fuel. The engine drives the front wheels and the electric motor powers the rear. This gives instantaneous acceleration and on-demand available Electric All-Wheel Drive (eAWD) functionality when you need it. Plus, five drive-modes offer precise control over the car’s powertrain. For example, Dynamic Mode enables you to enjoy the fantastic performance of the XC90. And Individual Mode lets you combine modes to find your perfect sweet spot.The XC90 is also available with our high-performance T5 and T6 powertrain engines for an awe-inspiring driving experience.

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